A New Way to Examine for Oral Disease

VELscope: A Non-invasive Oral Cancer Screening Device

When it comes to oral cancer, early diagnosis is critical. The dentist is often the first line of defense, because abnormalities caused by oral cancer can often be spotted during a regular cleaning appointment. However, not all abnormalities are visible to the naked eye, and that’s where VELscope comes in. VELscope is a light-based detection system that makes it easier to spot problem areas in the mouth and throat.

The Benefits Of VELscope

Dr. Clark can use the VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System to check the oral tissues during the course of a regular dental hygiene exam. It doesn’t require any dyes to use, nor does it involve any lengthy procedures. It simply emits a harmless blue light that causes oral tissues to fluoresce, and Dr. Clark will use to look into your mouth for signs of cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues.

Come Get Screened At Clark Family Dentistry

If you haven’t been screened for oral cancer or even if you haven’t had your regular cleaning appointment in a while, give us a call at 816-232-1444 or send us a email so that we can schedule your next appointment. Here at Clark Family Dentistry, we want to stop oral cancer in its tracks!